Channeling Imanna Crystal Celebration 2019
Galactic Council’s Message

Welcome to you, friends of the earth.

In love with you, we are. First let us introduce ourselves, friends of the galaxy, galactic confederation, one among others, isn’t it? We are the ones watching over you for a long time. In love with you we are and we greet you. We recognize you. Everyone here is the beloved. In love with you we are. We have observed you (in this Crystal celebration), you have heard the call, you have felt how little time is left to be awake. It is no longer really time to play, pretending to be in denial, to look away or at your feet.

You have understood (during these three days), you have heard, you have seen, you have felt how much your planet is in danger. Not the planet itself, this one will go on for a long time. But the one you certainly know. The geography you know will change completely. You have a blue and green planet. From where we see it, there is more blue it is true, more blue still will be within some time.

So, you have to adapt. As human beings on this earth, it is your first quality, isn’t it? to adapt to situations. Anyway, your elders used to do this, because they were listening to what Mother Earth had to tell them. For a hundred years, most humans have forgotten how to listen to Gaia’s messages, Gaia, however she really delivers messages. All you have to do is to walk in the nature in order to hear her and feel how precious you are.

But as you do nothing but take advantage from her, pollute her, extract from her all that she had to offer you in order to satisfy egos of powers, or fears… —so for sure there will be big changes. Like any civilization, there is a beginning and an end, a zenith and then a decline. As you know, you have understood, you are in this time of big changes not between two civilizations but between two humanities.

Big changes, significant overturnings for most people are foreseen, not by birds of ill omen, not just by some wise scientists, but simply because it is part of the cycle. This is within this great cycle, that you wished to participate. Big changes, we say, big changes we’ve seen in the next few years. Your earth will continue, as we told you, but in what condition? It will take time to rebuild, shall we say. It’s like a badly burned person, we could take that example. They will need a certain time to renew their skin completely so that the cells come back and rebuild themselves. On a human scale, it takes a few weeks sometimes… For the earth, it will be quite different, it will take a few centuries. But you have the power to make it change, at least to minimize the consequences.

Because things are so far too advanced for everything to change with a snap of a finger, you people, conscious, awake and aware, you are and you have your part to play, like the hummingbird, don’t you? It’s a story known by most of you. Do your part, no matter what the result would be, doing your part is already what matters. What can we do in these times of great changes where the turning point is definitely there in the moment? There is little time left. We have to place it in your hands. A year and a half is all we can count for you. We know that in your hearts there are tears, there are fears, but it is important that you bring forth, know, the joy with which each of you came down here, for you are bearers of a message of renewal, each one of you, have this in you. We have mentioned a year and a half so that you definitely can minimize the damage that is already made anyway. Make a simple observation. Look at your oceans, look at all the beings living in them. What have you done? Men, women, children?

The consciousness of your planet must be even sharper, finer, more obvious. The time has come. Truly, if you look at your pollution rate alone, within six months you will reach what is called chaos, in terms of carbon dioxide you reach the maximum that it may be possible to cope with, for you humans. Be aware of that. You are aware, we know, we know who we are talking to.

We know the souls that you are, the consciences that are yours. As much as it’s important for you to know, the next few years will require centering, connecting to the earth and the sky. It was sent to you here but you already knew this but the time has come to activate it every morning in you in order to be a beacon in the darkness when the night comes, and it is coming. We don’t want to worry you, but it’s important that you should know.

2021 is tomorrow, isn’t it? It’s a major economic crisis, we haven’t talked about it yet. Some economists know this, but they hope that it will happen a little further in time, a little further in time, that they will not be concerned. However, it is tomorrow 2021. Big changes on this planet. The stars that flutter on the American flag will lose their splendor and the yellow smile will be brighter.

Certainly, in terms of polarity, isn’t it, there are great changes. You are expecting the shifting of the poles. But what poles are we talking about, if not of economic poles to start with? This will bring about a kind of revolution. But, as we’ve told you, humans have this ability to adapt and adapt, and to acclimatize, so that some better days will come back. But for how long? Because once you have pushed down the first domino, the others will follow, will they not, and as everything is connected everything is one, today everything is interlocked and entangled, whether it is your planet in terms of rising waters or in terms of economic decline, in terms of astronomical development, and another part that we have not yet talked about are those fears and those desires to take. We are talking about another revolution, which is called religions. There is one that made its revolution 500 years ago already but there is another one that started it not long ago. It will continue its fight to shine on your planet. So surely there will be more and more terrorist attacks. Stand by because it is important today to protect yourself.

We do not want to be a bird of ill omen but nevertheless it is important that you be able to hear this, because you are precious to us, you are ambassadors of light, of crystal consciousness. September, October and November, you will see this happen, truly, prepare yourselves, for those days when emotionally you will be moved inside, heckled, but we chose to deliver this to you so you can be ready because it’s important to know, isn’t it? You have an expression about a long-necked bird called the ostrich… what does the ostrich do? Bury its head in the sand, take your head out of the sand, look what is. 2025 will also be complicated, polluted your land is, trees come to be scarce, deforestation you have understood is a great danger for your humanity. Plant trees, plant a tree after our encounter please, do this, each of you plant a tree. If everyone does it, the damage will be as much reduced. 2025 is the beginning of a great disease on your earth. You still have time, but we’ve told you a year and a half is not much, but it’s possible for you to soften what’s coming up and then we’ve talked to you about it, a domino effect, which is what’s going to happen.

Birds of ill omen we do not wish to be and that is why we will continue in a completely different way this message that we have to disclose to you. It is important for you to know that you have a power, each one: to radiate. Didn’t you sing it? The power to radiate three times what you are, what you know and what you do. What you know, you’ve just had confirmation for some of you now this weekend and others received the information, your humanity for the most part will no longer be so numerous on its earth in the coming years but each of you has a role to play as a pillar of light and this is where we really ask you to play your part because it is the role you chose to embody in your first soul contract all of you, I hear some people say I can’t do anything, I’m powerless, what can I do?

It is necessary first of all to have the knowledge, that is what we give you, confirmation at least for some, to then have an anchor, we have spoken to you about it, the anchoring  to Mother Earth and Father Heaven because you are loved by the universe never forget it, this is with you for all eternity. Time doesn’t matter, you’re loved, period. Therefore, connection to the heart of Mother Earth, connection to the heart of Father Heaven you have understood, it is this way you must be centered in your verticality, to enable you to be that pillar that illuminates, the one who reassures, the one who stands up when there is stampede, flight, fear, death around, you will see this, surely. It is therefore necessary that you be aware, that it is up to each of you to strengthen your pillar for tomorrow. A Djed, for many of you here, you have trampled what is now called Egypt, you have been in contact with those pyramids and others around the world you keep discovering many more, Understand how connected you are to the earth but also connected to the sky and how you come here to embody the pillar of which we speak this Djed. Do some research, wear a Djed, be the Djed.

Your column of light, your spinal column illuminated when your chakras are aligned, is that Djed, like a magic wand, you have the power we told you to minimize what will be if the rest of the humans do nothing. Also, you need to be showing the way, reassuring, but not saving, just as we, we can tell you, we can explain to you, we can guide you, but we cannot and will not save you because it does not belong to us. It is not our reign and we do not have the capacity to do that. Help you, guide you, inspire you towards finding new technologies because there will be some, and oh how many of them, to help you clean up Mother Earth, won’t it? Oh how many to help you remain the Djed of Light.

Great technologies have been coming to you for a great many years now, coming from galactic beings, some are here, we mean on your planet, already at work. Others are continuing, are they not, from up there to do what is necessary, to watch, to inspire you, you are not alone, you have never been. So, you have understood: Djed, you must be to inform, neutralize, pacify and do what is necessary. For yourself in the first place, this is the first thing to do, balance your emotions, these allow you to move forward and not remain immersed in them. Emotions are made for you to move. If it’s uncomfortable, move. Go ahead, act, act, act. You have two hands and two feet, why do you think you have them? Without these you would just be big receiving antennas. But you chose, a long time ago, to embody here the human and the human has two hands and two feet. Two feet to go forward and two hands to do. So be humans to the full. Do it for yourselves, go into inner peace. Connect to that. This has already been passed on to you, yesterday in particular, but it is important, essential, without them you will achieve nothing.

So, it’s peace that you have to work on, inner balance, the Djed that we talked about, and then it’s time for action, what to do, how to do? First, ensure your safety. Because you will need this. Rising waters are coming soon, sooner than your scientists think. Much sooner. Leave the coast, leave the coast. You will have time to see the waters rise, but leave the coast, do not live right near it. What a funny idea, when you know that the ice is already melting, to want to resist and live on the seaside? The sea will come to you if you are in the land, but what will it do to you if you are just near it? It’s going to come much sooner than your scientists say and believe, it’s just exponential. Since you have this information, beautiful souls, all of you, it’s important that you make good use of it, isn’t it? We wanted you to be informed because it is very important for the ambassadors of peace, joy, light and love to be in their place on the checkerboard, or as you call it, the crystal grid. We call it a checkerboard because we know it’s a great game. We need you, be at peace, work for this peace, this is important, work for this peace in you, in each one of you to begin with, then with the other, the one who makes your heart beat, or who sometimes annoys you because you don’t feel respected, welcomed, understood.

Make peace. Stop the trifles, the time is no longer for bickering, trifles, stop behaving like you were in a kindergarten playground! Grow up! Grow up! The time has simply come for you now to stop bickering, to get down to basics. Just love. The great religions said this a long time ago. Some people died for saying that. Many have died for saying that. Now, we’re telling you: stop the bickering, stop the ego games, otherwise the Djed in you will no longer be. Now, remember that you have this contract that you made with yourself, to come and incarnate the Djed of Light here. Be it.

We have told you, you’re not alone, we’re here, but we’re not going to come on a ship to get you aboard although some of you, just like our canal, have already been on it. However, it is important that even if among you some of you know these places, always you must return here to do what is necessary, to do what is to be done on this earth. For you have chosen this incarnation, these times to do this. So, do it, take your responsibility with both hands and with your heart.

We don’t want to be birds of ill omen, but the time has come, it’s not tomorrow anymore, it’s now. You have the power to change things for the future because, you know it, past/present/future is one. Understand this. Understand this. This kind of meeting, this kind of celebration, and this one in particular was inspired especially by us simply for you to be able, when you come again to the Crystal Celebration, to work on this Djed of light. Djed of crystal light, you’re going to have to integrate that into yourself in order to be able to shine because that’s what you came here for, to shine and show the way, to show the way, to explain, to reassure. You are responsible for each and every of your words, no word that has been spoken here must be repeated thoughtlessly or carelessly in order to make your ego shine, for if you should do so your own Djed will not shine. It is important that you be able to choose words in full consciousness if you have to say them, you have to take responsibility for that. But more than words, sometimes, because some don’t need to say words but just show how to do, those who must speak because this is their dharma choose your words, this is essential. For those who must show in action, there are things to implement but you know deep in your heart that every little action matters, multiply it, create the domino effect in the right direction, will you? the balance of power. For a hundred years now you have created disequilibrium, you have a year and a half to rebalance.

But meanwhile your consciousness has grown, all of you are great, and powerful enough together, come together, work among yourselves, do not wait a year to meet here, create task force, action force, communities, by affinities of course. Do this, do not lose sight until the next time, hold hands like you would around a tree of peace and wish. A tree of the future.  You must act together. We think we’ve said it all, apart from the fact that you’re not alone, that we’re continuing to watch, we’re minimizing the damage, we’ve been doing this for a long time, since your nuclear bombs, since your nuclear power plants. We are there, we are minimizing. We are taking action. Tell your governments to stop, the earthquakes to come will blow up some nuclear power plants, it is high time you accelerated the spreading of much more information in order to change consciousness. Move, move, move, do not cry, do not lament, you are each and every one, all of you here, and there is no man, no woman who cannot act and change your future. Get together, act, do what is necessary, you are not alone, we will come again, we will continue, we are by your side, we have always been, We are ONE, for many reasons, because brothers of the stars you are also, your land is a star for us, as our lands are stars for you. Brothers of the stars we are. In the beginning was the ONE, you originate from that ONE, we originate from that ONE, we are ONE.

Connect with Alaya consciousness to know what you have to do here below.
But if you’ve forgotten your mission, ask Alaya to remind you of it. There’s no time to lose, the future is now.
Radiate, for there is in everyone’s heart, Joy, at the very beginning.  at the very beginning, at the very beginning of your presence in the universe, you have been expelled like a splutter out of the great burst of laughter of the creative principle, we remind you of it. You are thus bearers of this cosmic joy.

Activate peace, but activate joy, the two are one. Activate peace and activate joy, that is how your own Djed will shine.
Don’t go heavy, don’t go sad, love each other, embrace each other. There will come the time of “Hugs”, you say, may these “Hugs” carry the promise to meet, to see each other again, to work together in joy, and in joy only, and forget the egos, the little personalities, the internal criticisms, the doubts, the “I’ll never manage”.

Sweep all this away and step into action.
Allow yourself to be the Djed, to radiate, this is what we expect from you.

You may wish to distribute this message provided you keep it in its entirety and cite its source.

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