I am pleased to announce that Imanna will be joining us at the Crystal Skull Unification Conference with her crystal skull Pacha Puma Huaca.

Imanna is a Channel, Crystal Skulls Healer, Teacher, Speaker, Author.

With her husband Franck Echardour, they live in France and are spiritual globe trotters organizing spiritual pilgrimages in Mexico, Nepal and Egypt for many years.They have been involved with the crystal skulls since 2008. Imanna along with her husband Franck were on the 11/11/11 crystal skull pilgrimage across the US.


Imanna’s Presentation will be on:

“How to develop your channel abilities with crystal skulls and speak with other dimensions.”

In her work Imanna works with the Crystal TEAM®. 13 crystal skulls of ancient traditions (Mongolia, Inca, Nepal), connected to very high consciousness, they are all connected to powerful lineages of shamans, priests, monks, medicine men and women. The Crystal TEAM® resonates with the highest spiritual energies and through the limpid channel of Imanna, it delivers messages that helps the healing of the soul and heart.

Pacha Puma Huaca’s Spiritual Message is in what is carved on it:

The three sacred animals of the Incas were carved on the skull : The jaguar invites us into the secret power of the underworld ; The snake allows us to raise our energy like the Kundalini ; The condor opens the doors of Heaven. Pacha Puma Huaca is the reliance between the heart of Heaven and the heart of Mother Earth. It allows one to be centered, to feel harmony and balance in oneself, and to find one’s luminous verticality to become the bridge between worlds.

« Feel the life force that flows in you, nourished by the Pachamama you are, blessed by the Great Spirit you are.”