What an experience !
The skull of Mitchell Hedges is a marvel !!!
Wonderful meeting with Bill Homann his guardian at the crystal skull unification conference in Chicago where I had the pleasure of doing my lecture 
This skull creates different effects according to each person who is in his presence, for me it was an excitement without measure of my third eye.
I fell in love with this skull!   
Since 1924, he has been the leader of all the ancient, old and contemporary skulls on our beautiful planet, in the hands of thousands of gardians all to awaken, in order to co build the new humanity. The ancient Atlanteans are back for this new era and this skull in the light of incredible purity invites us to remember who we are, and the challenge to take this time to achieve the change of consciousness!
Thanks to Mary E DeLaat, the initiator of the crystal skull unification conference 2019 for allowing this gathering!
See you next year, and I prepare for the skull bearers in France, a nice surprise …. 
Love and Light.

L’image contient peut-être : 3 personnes, dont Franck Echardour, personnes souriantes, personnes debout et intérieur